About JAX

Let’s be straight with each other: we could make up a nice, flowery opening.  We could call this our “Mission Statement” or “Core Values” or some other buzz words that are so (over)used in business and marketing today.  We don’t believe in those things so we have a simply approach: YOUR vision is what we want to help you with. What do you care about our “mission” or “ideology”?  This isn’t about JAX. We aren’t looking to implement what WE want; it’s not our business.  Our role is to help you achieve what YOU want.

JAX is something different.  We don’t pound our chest and tell you how great we are.  We’ll spend as much or as little time with you as you want/need.  Some clients want to check in regularly to discuss goals, objectives and progress.  Others like to tell us what they want then worry about the other components of your business.  Projects, ongoing structured support or retainer… we don’t have any “cookie cutter” packages; every client has a business agreement that works for them.

We don’t push anything; we’re not about sales pitches.  You like what you see, or you don’t.  If you do, then we can talk and see if the partnership makes sense for your company and for JAX.  If not, no hard feelings.  Maybe we can get together another time.

Take a look around and then contact us to discuss things further.  Thanks for checking JAX out!