Just Content? Or A Message!

Need something said and don’t know how to say it? The best thing about our team is that we’re never in short supply of words. Not only can we help you from scratch but we are happy to review what you have so it is effective but in “your voice”. From silly tongue-in-cheek to serious content, our writers are here to put the right words into your mouth!

One of the newer services we offer is apparel design for your company or personal event.  This has allowed us to use our love of graphic design with the personal aspect of creating something that makes people look great!

Our most popular designs during the spring and summer are definitely Houston Astros items.  We do a variety of colors and designs that represent our hometown team.

Take a look and see what you like… then let us create something for you!  Click Here To Send An Order Inquiry.

New Designs For 2020:

The designs below can be customized for ANY player.  We offer the “arch”, “across” and “under” versions.  We can even do something special like the Zia symbol and “La Pina” below.

Your Logo Represents You. Make It Memorable…

You could come up with a logo in 30 seconds but what is it truly saying to your potential customers?  To get the right concept we set up a meeting (in person or remotely) so we can ask you questions about what you are trying to convey.  Simple things:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do and what are you trying to achieve?
  • When do you need your logo?
  • Where are you planning to use your logo?
  • Why do you need a logo?

We Don’t Just Make Something & Throw It At You!

We brainstorming, design and mock up.  So could it be done in a few minutes?  Sure it could!  But it takes much longer to look at it to make sure it’s the RIGHT design fto represent you!

Get The Word Out About Your Business…

Using local marketing in a small business is all about targeting potential customers in your town or region with your marketing activities, through both digital marketing and traditional offline marketing tactics. Local marketing can help you focus in on a specific geographic area, and when it’s done effectively, it often translates into attracting the shoppers who are likely to become customers.

The initial reason for this may be because your business is close to where they live and it’s convenient for them, but the reason they stick around is because you are offering something they need and want. It is why local marketing can also help you build credibility for your brand, develop a positive reputation and foster customer loyalty over time.

If you are ready to get started with local marketing, both digital and off-line, drop us a line and let’s dive into your small business. Let’s start to grow your local customer base!

Is Your Website Helping or Hurting You?

Everyone uses websites but it takes more than simply making a cookie-cutter page and calling it a day.  All of our web projects start with a wire-frame concept and then we present that to you. If you like it we move it into development and will get you the web presence you want and need.

About JAX

Let’s be straight with each other: we could make up a nice, flowery opening.  We could call this our “Mission Statement” or “Core Values” or some other buzz words that are so (over)used in business and marketing today.  We don’t believe in those things so we have a simply approach: YOUR vision is what we want to help you with. What do you care about our “mission” or “ideology”?  This isn’t about JAX. We aren’t looking to implement what WE want; it’s not our business.  Our role is to help you achieve what YOU want.

JAX is something different.  We don’t pound our chest and tell you how great we are.  We’ll spend as much or as little time with you as you want/need.  Some clients want to check in regularly to discuss goals, objectives and progress.  Others like to tell us what they want then worry about the other components of your business.  Projects, ongoing structured support or retainer… we don’t have any “cookie cutter” packages; every client has a business agreement that works for them.

We don’t push anything; we’re not about sales pitches.  You like what you see, or you don’t.  If you do, then we can talk and see if the partnership makes sense for your company and for JAX.  If not, no hard feelings.  Maybe we can get together another time.

Take a look around and then contact us to discuss things further.  Thanks for checking JAX out!

Marketing Your Healthcare Practice…

Are you REALLY marketing your practice?  Has it been successful?

Over the past several years we have met with several companies and medical practices. As we discuss their needs and budgets many are telling us about the same challenges in terms of their marketing efforts: They want an experienced marketing manager but do not have the budget. They can hire someone with much less experience but that’s not what they want. In addition, they sure can’t afford the larger agencies.

So They’re Stuck…

One administrator was from a medical practice of 3 locations and 5 physicians. He was facing the same experience vs budget dilemma in terms of marketing. As we spoke we finally hit on something: they contracted us to do the necessary work for them. No benefits needing to be paid, or vacation time, etc. It made more sense for them to contract than to try and find that elusive “perfect employee”.

JAX did a 30-day evaluation for them for a one-time fee and then we determined what he needed/wanted. We were able to get his practice very fair rate and commit to a year contract. This worked out well for us and for the client partner.

Does practices or businesses that fit into this mold? It’s what we do at JAX.  Let us help you look at your marketing from a fresh and experienced set of eyes.